Change to Self-Service Direct Deposit Routing Number and Account Number editing

posted Jan 4, 2021, 11:25 AM by Barbara Thiss
We have made a change to Self-Service Direct Deposit so that users cannot edit existing Routing Number and Account Number information. They must add a new account. This will ensure that the new information goes through the pre-note process.

Employees click on Routing Number or Account Number to edit information. 
     ESS Direct Deposit

Now they will see the Routing Number and Account information but cannot edit them.
     ESS Direct Deposit Edits

Employees will need to Add a row to add the new account information.
     ESS Direct Deposit 3

They can Remove the account if they want but don’t have to since the row is automatically effective dated.
     ESS Direct Deposit Edits  

If you have any questions, please submit Service Portal Ticket.