Certificated Daily Rate not displaying accurately after clicking Save button on Compensation tab on Job Data

posted Sep 15, 2017, 4:46 PM by Peyri Herrera   [ updated Dec 4, 2017, 4:40 PM ]
This was fixed on December 4, 2017. See the announcement.

We are aware of an issue for Certificated employees on the Compensation tab on Job Data. When adding a new row and saving the updated record, the daily rate on Job Data will not initially reflect accurately. Instead a process runs each night to recalculate and display the Certificated employee’s daily rate. This issue does not impact the Annual, Monthly, or Hourly rate as these are all calculated by different functionality.

We have reported the display issue and will let you know when it is fixed. Please understand that the nightly process will update the Daily Pay Rates display. We highly recommend that any Job Data changes affecting Certificated employees be entered prior to Pre Calc 2. This will allow the nightly process to update the displayed daily rate before Final Calc.

Here is an example: Here the user has added a new row with effective date 7/1/17, effective sequence 10. She clicked the Compensation tab, clicked Default Pay Components (orange button), and noted the Daily rate was $311.63.
Certificated Compensation 1

Upon clicking Calculate Compensation (orange button), she noted that the Daily rate updated to $437.97, as expected.
Certificated Compensation 2

However, upon clicking Save, the Daily rate reverted to $311.63.
Certificated Compensation 3

The nightly process will update the pay rates accurately. In this example, after the nightly process runs, the Daily rate will display $437.97.

This impacts queries, too. Queries that pull the Certificated daily rate from the M_JOB_DATA table will reflect an incorrect daily rate if the query is run after a job data row is inserted on Job Data but before the nightly process recalculates.