CalPERS Out of Class reporting - AB1487 Message forwarded from SDCOE Retirement Systems

posted Jul 26, 2018, 1:15 PM by Barbara Thiss
School districts received a letter directly from CalPERS reminding employers of the due date for Out of Class reporting.
To assist any school districts that need to identify employees that received Out of Class Additional Pay, M_RET_OUT_OF_CLASS_EARNS has been made available.

Screenshot of M_RET_OUT_OF_CLASS_EARNS query

At the prompt, enter:
Unit #

The query includes certificated employees but only classified / PERS members are to be reported to PERS. Filter by “Class/Uncl” field.

The query also includes the position information from when the additional pay was paid and the employees’ current position information, which may or may not be different.