Benefits Administration guide updated (v5.1)

posted Feb 6, 2017, 4:29 PM by Barbara Thiss
The Benefits Administration guide was recently updated. The newest version is available on the CRC Website, Resources>Guides and Job Aids: Benefits Administration Guide v5.1.pdf.

Updates in v5.1:
  • Added clarification to the Benefit Administration process 
  • Add a Life Event: On p.21, added guidance for use of the ADM administrative event. 
  • Updating TSA elections: On p.22, Step 3 added that guidance about adding rows for updates rather than terminating and re-enrolling. On p.23, Step 8 added that TSA flat amounts must be coded in the correct pre-tax or post-tax fields. 
  • Review Individual Benefit Plans: On p.21, for districts configured for Retiree benefits, DO NOT UPDATE regular employees benefit enrollments directly on the base benefits tables. 
  • Updating Benefit Rates: On p.33, added that all benefit plan and coverage levels in a benefit program must have corresponding rates on the rate table. On p.35, Step 6 added steps for inputting domestic partner rates. 
  • Set Up A Benefits/General Deduction Adjustment on Paysheet: On p.48, added steps(3-5) for adding a row to a payline for making a benefit adjustment. 
  • Benefit adjustments for EEs who work less than 100% FTE: On p.52, For districts or organizations setup for systematic benefit proration, adjustments on the payline should not be input until after the 1st calc. 
  • Removed the Benefit Sync section: As part of the monthly payroll processing, MITI runs this process. It is not a district/organization responsibility. 
  • Added new queries: Added 1 new report and 6 new queries to help benefit administrations fulfill their responsibilities 
    • Deductions in Arrears report – Arrears balance report 
    • M_ALLDEDS_DISTRICT - Lists all the deductions for a district or organization in a given pay period once payroll has confirmed. 
    • M_ALLDEDS_DISTRICT_ALL - Lists all the deductions for a district or organization in a given pay period to be run between pre-calcs for auditing purposes. 
    • M_BEN_DED_OVERRD_MISSING - Lists employees that are missing the monthly Deduction Overrides. 
    • M_BN_ALL_CURR_ENROLLMENT - Lists employee deductions setup on General Deduction table and also benefit plans enrolled. 
    • M_BN_HEALTH_CURR_ENROLLMENT - Lists employee’s current benefit enrollments including coverage level. 
    • M_PY_CALC_ERROR_MSGS_BY_DIST - To list errors encountered during payroll processing. To be run between the pay calcs prior to confirm.