Baseline payroll encumbrances – JULY 2018 UPDATE

posted Jul 23, 2018, 7:22 AM by Barbara Thiss
The EBS team has begun processing the July 2018 payroll distribution. During the July distribution, the team will run the process to calculate and post the 2019 fiscal year baseline payroll encumbrances. Remember that employees on short work break are excluded from the encumbrance calculation. Once employees have returned from short work break status, their encumbrances will be calculated during payroll distribution at the end of the month.

The M_BUDGET_ACTUALS query in HCM shows what has been encumbered with Column M (Posted Encumbrance Amount) being the encumbrance for the remainder of the year. 

M_BUDGET_ACTUALS  column M view

The manual process to smooth encumbrances to be equal monthly amounts continues to be run each month at the end of payroll distribution. A customization is being tested to include this smoothing process in the HCM encumbrance calculation process.

If you have questions or feel encumbrances are not calculating as expected, please submit a HEAT ticket with specific details.