AP WorkCenter updates (09/18/17)

posted Sep 18, 2017, 1:58 PM by Peyri Herrera   [ updated Mar 22, 2018, 5:47 PM ]
Since the Tools 8.55 upgrade in July 2017, there have been 3 main issues with the AP WorkCenter:
  • Cannot use Attachments in AP WorkCenter 
  • Spinning in AP WorkCenter 
  • Cannot open AP WorkCenter in Chrome 
It has been determined that these three issues are system bugs and will be resolved as part of the “PUM” upgrade scheduled for 2018.

Please continue to use the short-term solutions communicated in the announcement sent on July 18, 2017 titled AP WorkCenter issues being addressed, please use short-term solutions.
  • For attachments: Navigate to the voucher through Regular Entry. Attachment can be uploaded and saved from here. 
  • For spinning: Navigate to the voucher through Regular Entry to view Budget Errors, Match Exceptions, etc. 
  • For Chrome issues: Use Firefox or Internet Explorer. 
Additionally, refreshing the page may resolve some issues like the ones listed below so you do not have to log out and then log back in. Click the clockwise arrow near the address bar. It may be on the right or the left side.
Refreshing the Page

Refreshing the page may be helpful when:

1. The system spins or freezes when using the links in My Worklist.
My Work

2. The window pops up instead of opening in the transaction screen when clicking on a link in the Links section (first screenshot below). Changes are not saved when made in the pop up window (second screenshot).
No Pop Up Window

Pop Up Window