AP WorkCenter issues being addressed, please use short-term solutions

posted Jul 18, 2017, 1:57 PM by Peyri Herrera
The following AP WorkCenter issues have been reported to the CRC and are currently being addressed. Please use the short-term solutions provided below.

Cannot use Attachments in AP WorkCenter
  • In AP WorkCenter users should be able to click on the Voucher on Hold link, then click on one of the vouchers that is on hold and attach the required documentation that Commercial Warrants is asking for using the Conversation link. They are able to add the attachment, but when clicking OK, it takes them out of the window and the attachment does not upload. 
  • Short-term solution: Navigate to the voucher through Regular Entry. Attachment can be uploaded and saved from here. 
  • This information was previously sent on 07/14/17: Voucher attachments from AP WorkCenter
Spinning in AP WorkCenter
  • Some users cannot navigate/click more than 2-3 links in the AP WorkCenter without spinning. After this, the screen spins indefinitely. 
  • Example: Click Voucher on Hold, then click back to Unpaid Voucher List; when next clicking on Budget Check Errors, the screen spins. 
  • Short-term solution: Navigate to the voucher through Regular Entry to view Budget Errors, Match Exceptions, etc. 
Cannot open AP WorkCenter in Chrome
  • Users cannot open AP WorkCenter in either Chrome or Chrome New Incognito Window. It just spins. This is after clearing cache. 
  • Short-term solution: Firefox & Internet Explorer are OK.