Alternate User (the PeopleSoft “out of office” setting for approvals)

posted Jun 24, 2020, 12:04 PM by Barbara Thiss
Are you a Manager or Approver who is going on vacation? In PeopleSoft, an alternate user can be granted access to handle approvals for a range of dates, similar to an out of office setting. This is set up in ESS or Portal. Directions are available in this announcement. Once you assign an alternate user for a date range, he or she will be able to approve all of the transaction types that you have access to. You cannot pick and choose which transactions the alternate user sees.


If you grant access to another employee with only the default role of M_EMPLOYEE (and no other roles) he/she will be able approve Finance transactions from the Worklist but will not be able to review them. EXCEPTION: Requisitions and Purchase Orders cannot be approved without additional user setup – please see note below.

For example, if the employee does not have Budget (KK), General Ledger (GL), or Accounts Payable (AP) inquiry or transaction roles, the worklist link will take him to a page with limited information and the user will not be able to access the transaction page. The KK, GL, and AP approval pages show line information and the info on the header; the alternate user won't be able to go to the transaction page by clicking the Go to Journal Entry Page link or clicking the Edit Requisition button for a requisition.

In order for the “alternate user” (approver) to review Finance transactions, they will need at least inquiry roles for the transaction module. Here are directions for requesting role changes.

NOTE FOR REQUISITIONS AND PURCHASE ORDERS: For requisition and PO approval the alternate user will need the following user preferences added to his/her profile by the PeopleSoft Support Team:
  • For requisitions approval: “Approval” checkbox and “Can Work Approved Req’s” enabled
  • For Purchase Orders approval: “Approval” checkbox and “Can Work Approved PO’s” enabled

For HCM transactions, the alternate user must have the specific approval roles:
  • M_WF_HR_PAF: Required for an alternate user to approve PAF requests (only for organizations that have implemented Personnel Action Forms)
  • M_ABSENCE_APPROVER: Required for an alternate user to approve ESS absence requests (only for organizations that have implemented ESS Absence)