Additional information on the Employee Federal Tax Data issues

posted Jul 30, 2020, 7:58 AM by Barbara Thiss
On Friday, July 24, 2020, we sent an announcement about the Employee Tax Federal Data issues when current employee hired into an additional assignment. We have some additional information that may help your with this.

We found that the problem began after the Tax Update 20-A was introduced the last weekend in February.

Looking at the employees you have hired into additional positions since the end of February, use the M_PY_FED_STATE_TAX_DATA query to help you identify those employees who are currently being affected. You will want to pay attention to the effective date for the federal record (column E if downloaded into Excel), the federal marital status (column G). If you see that the effective date happened within the last few days and that the marital status is Single, it at least gives you a cue to look at other fields in the query. If you see that other federal fields are all zero, you can check the Job History as well as Employee Tax Data.

If you need rows removed from the Update Employee Tax Data screen, please submit a Service Portal Ticket.