Adding an “ad hoc” approver on a requisition using the green plus sign

posted Feb 12, 2015, 10:37 AM by Peyri Herrera
There is a green plus sign that appears on requisition workflow. It allows you to add an “ad hoc” Approver or Reviewer, someone who is not already in the workflow. In this example, Lita Ford wants to create a requisition and route it to Joan Jett (her manager), as usual, for approval. However, Lita also wants Sandy West to approve (or review) it.

After clicking “Save & submit” on the requisition, Lita is taken to the Requisition Approval screen where she can click the green plus sign to the right of her manager’s name to choose an approver or reviewer. In the window that appears, she enters Sandy’s User ID, selects Approver or Reviewer, then clicks Insert.
Ad hoc 1

This is now what the workflow looks like. You can see Sandy has been inserted. Last, Lita needs to click Apply Approval Changes to apply the ad hoc approver.
Ad hoc 2

At this point, the requisition will first route to Joan Jett for approval, then to Sandy West. For both Joan and Sandy, the requisition will appear on their Finance Worklist when it is time for them to approve.