Absence Management Updates

posted Nov 3, 2014, 9:58 AM by Peyri Herrera
Please review these Absence Management (AM) updates:

When entering Leaves Without Pay for previous months, those submitted and approved before the monthly Absence cutoff will reduce the current month's pay by the number of hours of the absence. Those submitted after that deadline will impact the next payroll.

When entering partial absences on the Timesheet for Hourly employees, depending on the way the fixed schedule was loaded onto the Timesheet for the employees, two things may occur: 
  • When the mass time process has been run by MITI to auto-load fixed schedules to the Timesheets, when entering an absence, upon submission the regular schedule will be cleared out and only the absence time will remain for that day. YOU MUST MANUALLY ENTER the remaining regular time worked that day for the employee (the system will not calculate it automatically for Hourlys the way it does for salaried employees). For example, an employee's regularly scheduled hours for Monday are 6.5 hours. You enter an sick absence on a Monday for 5.0 hrs. Once you Submit the Absence, the scheduled time of 6.5 hrs. will be cleared from the Timesheet and you will need to manually enter the 1.5 hours the employee worked that day and re-submit. NOTE: After submitting the Absence, if you do not manually enter the rest of the hours the employee worked on that day and re-submit, the field will be cleared and the employee will not be paid for those hours.
  • When fixed schedules are manually loaded (either on the Timesheet day-by-day, or by clicking the 'Apply Schedule' button), when entering a partial absence, after forecasting the regular time will remain on the Timesheet (not cleared in this case). This means that you must manually adjust the regular time, then Submit. If you fail to adjust the regular time, the employee will get the full days hours PLUS the absence hours. For example, an employee's regularly scheduled hours for Monday are 6.5 hours. You enter an sick absence on a Monday for 5.0 hrs. and then forecast it. The Timesheet will still show the regular schedule of 6.5 hours as well as the 5.0 sick hours. You must change the 6.5 hours to the 1.5 hrs actually worked that day, then click Submit. 
Because there are no rules set up in PeopleSoft by which to accrue Workers Comp, it is up to the Absence Administrators at each district to determine when and how much Workers Comp a person is entitled to. You will then use the Adjust Balances page to add the Workers Comp balances. Please see the directions on p.45 of PeopleSoft Absence Management Guide v2.0.pdf.