90-minute PeopleSoft timeout

posted Apr 22, 2014, 9:59 AM by Peyri Herrera
As a reminder, if you don’t use PeopleSoft for 90 minutes, it will timeout. All PeopleSoft applications are set for a 90-minute timeout. This includes the Portal, Financials, and HCM.

Some users have commented that they are getting timed out, even when they have used PeopleSoft consistently for 90 minutes. Please be aware that if you have multiple windows open, including the Portal or a new window, and you don’t use one of those screens within 90 minutes, all open PeopleSoft windows will time out. If you know that you will be working consistently for longer than 90 minutes, you might consider closing the Portal (not signing out of it) so you can continue to work in Finance or HCM. Don’t abandon logging in through the Portal, though! As the project moves forward, more functionality will be added to it.