6 things to know about the Fluid project

posted May 1, 2019, 2:42 PM by Peyri Herrera
A change to PeopleSoft is coming this summer! In our next PeopleSoft upgrade we will be turning on the Fluid User Interface, referred to as "Fluid.” Fluid will change the look-and-feel of PeopleSoft, including a new way to navigate. Below are six things to know about the Fluid project.

1. FEEDBACK SESSIONS. From April 15-26, the Fluid Project Team conducted 7 discovery sessions with district users to collect feedback on their needs. Currently, the Project Team is consolidating the input to create the design concept to present back to districts.

2. ROADSHOWS. Once the Project Team has Fluid configured in a demo environment, we will offer several roadshows and online demos for you to attend. This will give you and your team an opportunity to become familiar with the changes and ask questions, then hopefully you can help spread the word to others at your location. We plan to work on coordinating the roadshow schedule next week and will send the registration information in an upcoming announcement.

3. COMMUNICATIONS TOOLKIT. SDCOE wants to help support your organization with the change to Fluid. We will provide your district office with a “Communications Toolkit” that include template articles and a FAQ sheet. The goal is to assist you with announcements and messaging to send to your employees.

4. JOB AIDS AND VIDEOS. Before we transition to Fluid, we will create several instructional resources, like job aids and short video tutorials for common tasks.

5. FLUID PLAY ENVIRONMENT. We are working on creating a “Fluid play environment” so you and your users can log in and try navigating to your favorite screens.

6. ONE-STOP FLUID SHOP. All announcements, videos, links, and resources related to Fluid are available on the CRC’s Fluid Project page: http://crc.sdcoe.net/projects/fluid. Recently we added: 
The date of the Fluid upgrade is targeted for Summer 2019. We will communicate the Go Live date as soon as it is finalized. For questions about the Fluid project, please email the Project Lead: Sally Morton (sally.morton@sdcoe.net).