3 ways to personalize PeopleSoft

posted Apr 18, 2014, 4:56 PM by Peyri Herrera
Would you like to change the way your home screen looks? In the example below, we used the Content link at the top-right of the screen to put a custom message at the top (the word “FINANCE” that appears to the right of the Oracle logo) and displayed the main menu in icon view. NOTE: These changes change your Home Screen only when you click the Home link.
Home Screen

Want to always have your Main Menu sorted alphabetically? To perma-sort the Main Menu (always sorted alphabetically), use My Personalizations.

Do you want to turn off Autocomplete? In PeopleSoft, the Autocomplete feature allows you to see suggestions as you’re typing a value in a field. You can select one of values on the list to fill out the field, or keep typing. By default, Autocomplete option is set to Yes. If you prefer to type in all values manually and not have the floating suggestions appear, you can turn off Autocomplete using My Personalizations.

Full directions are in the 5-page job aid titled How to Personalize PeopleSoft v1.0.pdf. For future reference, this document can be found online at PeopleSoft Resources > Guides & Job Aids in the Introduction to PeopleSoft section.