2021 July Salary Step Advancements

posted Mar 5, 2021, 7:30 AM by Barbara Thiss
In preparation for the 2021 July Salary Step Advancements, please verify that the Step Entry Dates of employees that should step advance in July are updated and accurate. The Auto Step Advancement process is dependent on the data in the Step Entry Date field in Job Data (Job Data > Salary Plan tab > Step Entry Date). The Enterprise Applications Team will run the Automated Step Advancement process immediately following the June payroll.

The Automated Step Advancement process will include only employees that meet the following criteria:
  • Step Entry Date is 07/01/2020 or
  • Step Entry Date is between 06/16/2020 – 07/31/2020 as defined by your organization’s step advancement rules
The 2021 July Salary Step Advancement process will NOT include employees if they have a Step Entry Date other than dates indicated above.

Please proceed to make any Step Entry Date data changes before the Auto Step Advancement Process is scheduled to run. If you need assistance to upload mass Step Entry Dates using Excel to CI, please submit a ServiceNow ticket by Monday, June 1, 2021.

The following are helpful queries for the Salary Step Advancement Process.
Lisr of helpful queries

If you have any questions about the Salary Step Advancement Process, please contact PeopleSoft Support by submitting a Service Portal Ticket.