1099 Updates and generating a new 1099 Detail Report

posted Jan 4, 2017, 3:04 PM by Barbara Thiss
Updates and adjustments to Suppliers require overnight processes before they will be available on reports. After these processes have run, districts can now run a new 1099 Detail Report.

Navigation: Suppliers > 1099 Global Withholding > 1099 Reports > Withhold 1099 Report Job
  1. Create Run Control ID
  2. Enter Parameters using magnifying glass to select available options. (District #099 Only: For Calendar ID use AN instead of A1) 
  3. Click Run. You will need to run 3 processes individually in this order. Make sure the Type and Format columns for the 3 processes are set exactly like the figure below. Make sure they are Success and Posted before running next report. 
  • 1099 Report Post (1099_RPT_POST) – Posts the transactions 
  • 1099 Post, Report & Copy B Sort (RPT_1099) – Creates the 1099 IRS File 
  • RPT_1099_JOB (M_APX1099) – Creates the SDCOE 1099 Print
        4. Once you run all 3 processes in order, go to AP WorkCenter/Reports & Queries and run your 1099 to Send Report.