New Hyperion video available for exporting your completed Hyperion budget data and loading into PeopleSoft Finance

posted Apr 30, 2018, 11:21 AM by Peyri Herrera

The CRC has created a new video for Hyperion users that shows step-by-step instructions on the process used to export your completed Hyperion budget data and load it into the Budget Import Template that is used with the PeopleSoft Finance module. The template is used to upload your Adopted budget into PeopleSoft.

You should view this video when you are completely finished making all of your adjustments in Hyperion and are ready to upload your budget into PeopleSoft Finance.

Video link: Hyperion Data Export to PeopleSoft Budget Import Template (9 min, 39 sec)

The video references the following Hyperion User Guide sections:
  • Running Business Rules – p.44 
  • Export Data from Hyperion Workspace – p.150 
Downloads referenced from the CRC’s Guides and Job Aids page (look in the Hyperion section):
  • AdministrationExportData_BudgetUploadTemplateV3_Unprotected(12-28-17)CONTROL.xlsx 
  • AdministrationExportData_BudgetUploadTemplateV3_Unprotected(12-28-17)NONCONTROL.xlsx 
  • Administration Export Data – Budget Upload Template Instructions v3.0.pdf (Optional) 
  • Hyperion User Guide