HCM auditing prior to pulling extracts

posted Feb 16, 2017, 4:44 PM by Barbara Thiss
The following conditions in HCM may adversely affect the HCM Extract files.
  • Multiple incumbents attached to a position (Each position should have only one employee attached to it). 
  • Any positional data being pulled from the JOB record and the position is vacant (Vacant positions should not be on a Job Record). 
  • Positions attached to multiple Department IDs on the Department Budget Table (Extract pulls position from only one Department Code/ID). 
  • Missing Holiday Schedules for exception hourly (Job Data – Payroll tab). 
  • Missing Employee's Assigned Work Schedule for exception hourly (Main Menu - Manager Self Service – Time Management – Manage Schedules – Assign Work Schedule). 
Here are additional items to check in HCM:
  • DBT - Make sure the Earnings chartfield is correct. 
  • Department Codes are correct – This may not be the funding Site code – change if desired. 
  • Job Empl Class - Union Code/Bargaining Unit. 
  • Job Indicator – Extract only pulls the Primary Job. 
  • Position FTE 
  • Position Location Code – Physical location of the position. 
  • Position Type – Single Incumbent or Pooled (not shared). 
  • Position Active/Inactive – Position status needs to match on the DBT and the Add/Update Position page. 
  • Employee FTE 
  • Employee Type – Regular or Temp. 
  • Annual Salary Spread – Job Data – SDCOE Job Data – Pay Schedule. 
  • Pay Type – Exempt or Non-exempt. 
  • Benefits – Check that all required benefits are included. 
  • Additional Earnings/MCOPs – Check that all applicable additional earnings & MCOPs are included. 
  • Step Advance dates – Check employee step advance dates. 
The HCM Extracts versus Hyperion Audit Guidelines v1.0 job aid identifies the origin of the data, for example JOB record, POSITION record, Department Budget Table, etc. and should help the auditing of the HCM Extract files. Document is available on the CRC website > Resources > PeopleSoft Resources > Guides and Job Aids.