Checking vacancy, incumbent, and zero FTEs

posted Feb 17, 2017, 4:28 PM by Barbara Thiss
It is importance to check vacancy, incumbent, and zero FTEs.

What to look for:

Vacancy FTE. Use POSFTE HCP Data View Form in Hyperion.
When updating the VACANCY line of a position, either the Maintain Position Data page or the Maintain Employees by Position page can be used.
The VACANCY line is different than the INCUMBENT line—where the INCUMBENT line has the employee attached to it, and the VACANCY line does not have an employee attached to it.

Matching Vacancy and Incumbent FTE. Use the Maintain Employees by Position.
It is necessary to match the FTE for the VACANCY and the INCUMBENT on a position, especially when changing the FTE in any way. The VACANCY line will take over when the position isn’t filled with an incumbent. Therefore, it is important that the Proposed FTE, the FTE Start Date and the FTE Stop Date match between the VACANCY and the INCUMBENT.

Zero FTE’s loaded into Hyperion. Use EMPFTE HCP Data View Form in Hyperion
In HCM, if you have a position with an active employee and an employee on leave of absence, or there are two employees assigned to the same position, you will see that the FTE is over allocated. To prevent over budgeting, the FTE has been zeroed out on the extract to account for this over allocation. You will need to assign an FTE to the appropriate employee in Hyperion so that Hyperion calculates properly. Two employees cannot be assigned to the same position.